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  • high resolution nature photos digital printing on Acrovyn panels Refence Hospital Eichstätt

    Motifs 31.127.1 and 31.129.1
    printed on CS-acrovyn® panels


    Client: Hospital Eichstätt (Germany), Architects: BEEG Lemke Architekten GmbH,
    Panel print: CS GmbH, Assembly on site by the company: Wandschutz-Nielsen
    The high-quality boards are scratch and impact resistant in the best fire behaviour class B - s1, d0. They are easy to clean and have chemical resistance. They are free of PVC, PBT and other harmful additives and are recyclable. Photos: Andreas Wolf, Wandschutz-Nielsen

  • Motif 24.085.1
    milled in acoustic panels


    in the Canteen of the office building K8, Kaltenbornweg 8, 50678 Köln-Deutz / Germany
    Pattern development and adaptation of the motif to the template specifications of the company akustik +, Implementation in 3 hole sizes with 2.5 / 2.0 / 1.5 mm diameter, Grid: 4 mm, Total quantity: approx. 75 m2
    Architecture: UKW Innenarchitekten, Krefeld, Germany
    Realization: installations by Manufact Tischlerei GmbH, Panel production Akustik +
    Architecture photos: Jens Kirchner

    More infos and photos > Vita / Press / References - PDF

  • Motif 21.086.1 of the series "Wallpaper – Paperwall" in the guesthouse of Schloss Weißenbrunn, Germany from ornament control, Kathrin Kreitmeyer  The motif was printed on wallpaper using high-quality digital printing. The walls enclose a modern bathroom built into the historic rooms.

    Motif 21.086.1
    in the guesthouse of Schloss Weißenbrunn, Germany


    The motif of the series "Wallpaper – Paperwall" was printed on wallpaper using high-quality digital printing. The walls enclose a modern bathroom built into the historic rooms.
    Interior design: Elisabeth Dicker, Coburg, Architectural photographer: Rainer Brabec, Coburg


  • Motif 24.083.1
    in a single-family house in Montreal


    A perforated mobile steel wall modulates the level of privacy between the living room and the two-storey-tall family room.
    Architects: > naturhumain, Contractor > Sienna construction, Photo credit > Adrien Williams

    I take the liberty of publishing here an email which the builder and resident of the house has sent to me. This feedback and the really nice house made me very happy!
    "Hello Mrs. Kreitmeyer, I am writing this short message to thank you again for your talent and professionalism. During the renovation of our house in Montreal in 2016, we decided to use one of the hole patterns distributed by Ornament control. We faced some technical difficulties to create the mobile steel panel with 18.000 holes on it. You offered us great technical advice and support until we succeed. Our renovations were finished a couple of years ago and the aesthetic result was outstanding. The mobile perforated steel panel represents without any doubt one of the key architectural features of our house. Here, I am sending you a few links that will show you the final result. J. A., Montreal-Canada"
    > more infos portfolio naturehumaine,  > video dezeen

  • Generative design for a light installation


    at Stadthaus Bonn for the opening of the Beethoven Year 2020
    For this interactive installation, I was commissioned by the artist team Felix Müller and Nils-R. Schultze to visually design the 70-meter high façade. The team developed the overall concept and is the winner of the light art competition BTHVN 2020. Altogether there were installations on display at 9 different locations in downtown Bonn from 14.12. to 22.12.2019. More Information about all installations
    Here is a first impression of my interactive facade design (A version with music is still in progress.) > Video download
    The composer Sven Helbig has arranged ten motifs from works by Beethoven in such a way that they sound harmonious together. Ferdinand Streicher tentable multitouch solutions provided technical support and programming for the interactive performance. Photos on top: Karsten Bartel (l) Kathrin Kreitmeyer (r)

  • Various floral motifs
    at the Elblandklinikum Riesa


    Adaptation of pattern repeat and colour for motif 24.081.1 for wall design of the corridors. Pattern repeat over 10 stripes, Total quantity/area of corridor wallpaper: 250 m2 in 2 colors, 15 image sections cropped from 7 different floral motifs for rooms and waiting areas, Total quantity of wallpapers: approx. 120 m2, printed on non-woven wallpaper 150 g/m2
    Project: Clinical center Elbland region Riesa, Weinbergstraße 8, 01589 Riesa / Germany
    Architecture: HDR inc. Leipzig, Realization: Malerbetrieb (painting company) Color-Haus-Design Riesa, wallpaper printing via ornament control, Interiore photo: Jochen Stüber
    More photos for reference: facebook/ornament-control

  • Motif 24.083.1
    in the new building of company DOMICO / Austria


    For the new company headquarters of DOMICO KG, known for the production of innovative roof, wall and facade systems, ornament control’s motif 24.083.1 was chosen by Atelier Burgstaller for sheet steel acoustic ceiling panels.
    “These white ‘Akustico’ acoustic elements ... represent a calm, undulating movement, similar to a sand dune. Inside the work environment a balanced calm is maintained, even with intense business activity and frequency”. (Quote from ‘domico-report-06-2019’)
    The assignment was to modify motif 24.083.1 for a repeat pattern of 4 elements in a staggered arrangement. In addition the graphic implementation for a straight row perforation, with three hole sizes, and the adaptation to 5 different panel lengths was executed.

    More infos and photos > Vita / Press / References - PDF

  • Motif 24.083.1
    Perforated sheets for the renovation of Banque Raiffeisen in Yvonand / Switzerland


    The motif was selected by the company Gehri AG for discretion wall, ATM cladding and counter shelf. The hole pattern was adapted by ornament control and supplied in 11 production-ready DXF data sets.
    More information and photos of the project can be found here:

  • Motif 31.132.1
    for PIURE's trade fair stand


    Moving structures – at the booth of the company in Cologne 2019 – printed on high-quality nonwoven wallpaper in the formats 6,80 m width x 4,10 m height!
    The elegant furniture of PIURE can be found here:
    More photos for reference: facebook/ornament-control

  • Different photo motifs
    in the "NewYork-Presbyterian" Hospital


    For the "David H. Koch Center" of the NewYork-Presbyterian, newly opened in 2018, 12 different photo motifs were selected for the reception and waiting area as well as the treatment rooms of the "Integrative Health" department and printed on pannels in NY.
    > NewYork-Presbyterian, Architecture: PEI COBB Freed & Partners, Interior Design: HOK, NY

  • Various motifs
    of ornament control at HT System.


    With its modular products and systems, HT System offers flexible, innovative solutions for the interior construction. From individual components, modular wall systems, door and ceiling systems up to complete room concepts in glass and metal.
    HT System are room systems for new buildings, modernizations and refurbishment of social institutions, care and nursing homes, retirement homes, student residences and dormitories, rooms in public buildings, hotels and much more.
    The printing of ornament control motifs is done on metal, glass or composite materials.
    More information can be found at:

  • Vita / Press / References


  • references design Kathrin Kreitmeyer extratapete photo wallpaper

    Extratapete _ photo wallpapers


    Kathrin Kreitmeyer created the 2nd collection “Summer” in 2003 and the 4th collection “Total Floral” in 2005 for her company extratapete. These collections helped to make the photo wallpaper “presentable” once again (after a long recess) and remove it from its most common environment in the house bar, hobby cellar, or home sauna corner.
    The designs of her modern photo wallpapers set the right tone and struck a collective chord: they are neither too garish nor bold, neither too realistic or banal. They are simply just the right background that provides enough room for one’s own “imagination” to unfold. Her motifs Yasumi and “Kimiko” are among the companies bestsellers.
    All photo wallpapers can be ordered at

  • Extratapete _ patterned and graphic wallpapers

    2001 – 2011

    In 2001 Kathrin Kreitmeyer designed the motifs for “Classic,” the first collection with which extratapete, founded by Kreitmeyer and Matthias Gerber in Berlin in 2002, hit the market. “Classic” represents a reevaluation of the tired and traditional patterned wallpaper: a hint of retro combined with a touch of déjà vu—but modernized and produced in the modern digital era. The motifs modulate living climates from “loud” to “quiet,” close the gap between tension and letting go, between clean-cut and shabby-chic. Additional designs for patterned and graphic wallpapers followed between 2004 and 2011. The motifs from the collection “Tracks” made waves with its special silk-screen printing technique, and the collection “Digital Baroque” redefined digital decadence.
    More information and wallpapers at

  • Vogue / Dumont Verlag

    Press 2008

    VOGUE JAPAN, 01-2008: Fabulous!
    DUMONT VERLAG, 04-2008: „Wohndesign Deutschland – Die Klassiker“
    Die dritte Kollektion von Extratapete – ein Klassiker des deutschen Wohndesigns! In einem umfassenden Überblick
    über mehr als 150 Jahre deutsche Designgeschichte, zusammengestellt vom bekannten Designautoren Bernd Polster und erschienen im Dumont Verlag, wurde Kollektion 3 als herausragendes Beispiel für das Jahr 2005 ausgewählt. ISBN 978-3-8321-7767-6

  • references, press, Art / Page / Form Design: Kathrin Kreitmeyer

    Art / Page / Form

    Press 2003 / 2005

    ART, 02-2005: Der Stil ist tot – es lebe die Idee!
    Das Zeitalter der weissen Rauhfasertapete geht zu Ende. Nirgends ist das deutlicher zu spüren als in dem Tapetenshop, den Matthias Gerber und Kathrin Kreitmeyer im Berliner Bezirk Prenzlauer Berg betreiben. (...)
    PAGE, 11-2003: Grafikdesign ohne Grenzen
    (...) Eher als Interior Designer verstehen sich die Kreativen von Extratapete, die beispielsweise schon in dem neuen Gebäude von DaimlerChrysler am Potsdamer Platz einen Raum mit eigens entworfenen und produzierten Tapeten gestalteten. (...)
    FORM, 01-2003: Mutierte Muster
    Bei Anruf Druck. Die Berliner Extratapete halten nicht nur eigene Muster wie „Marie“ und „Jo“ für die Wand bereit, sondern realisieren auch Motive nach Wunsch. (...)