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  • 2 Video-Screenshots ornament control plus Logos Stiftung Kulturwerk,

    In preparation: videos!


    Soon ornament control will also offer moving images! High-resolution videos in up to 4K quality for large-scale projections and LED screens in various proportions. Slow-motion shows with different themes and in different lighting moods for sophisticated and atmospheric designs, especially in living rooms, reception areas and waiting rooms. The development of the new design was supported by a grant from the Stiftung Kulturwerk.
    If you are already interested, just send me a short email to > and I will inform you directly when the first new video formats are ready.

  • exemples glass printing ornament control design Kathrin Kreitmeyer

    New glass samples arrived!


    Left: Motif 04.014.1 with special effect: The omitted lines in the slightly translucent white print are slightly longer than the blue lines. This makes these areas "clear" and allows the background to shine through. Depending on the pattern size, background and lighting conditions, this creates different iridescent and vivid reflections. The pattern provides a lot of privacy. However, the movement of the viewer or movements behind it make it come alive without revealing anything concrete. This digital glass print pattern is especially suitable for free-standing elements such as room dividers, glass doors, glass fences or glass partitions.
    Right: Photo pattern 31.200.1 with different opacity.

    Video of the two patterns as doawnload can be found here:

    > Video for 04.014.1 > Video for 31.200.1

    On request we will gladly send you a small material sample (10 x 15 cm).
 Just send us an email with your postal address to: Kathrin Kreitmeyer,
    More information about our production partner:, Contact: Eric Frank,

  • InteriorFashion 4-2021


    I am pleased about another editorial publication in this high-quality trade magazine "InteriorFashion" in the section "healthcare" page 30:
    "ORNAMENTS IN THE OBJECT - The company Ornament Control supplies patterns, graphics, photo graphics and photos for various surfaces used in architecture and interior design. All motifs are photographs or designs by the Berlin graphic designer Kathrin Kreitmeyer - however, they can be further individualised on request, e.g. by changing the colourfulness, contrast or proportions. In the next step, the designs can be applied to various materials such as wallpaper, glass, metal or composite materials. One of Ornament Control's partners in processing is HT Group, which stands in particular for flexible and innovative solutions in the field of health, care and research. Another partner is CS Deutschland, which has developed the "CS Acrovyn impact protection panels", a wall impact protection system that can be printed with individual designs and combined with a wide variety of panels, profiles, edge protectors, mouldings and handrail systems. Ornament Control coordinates all data requirements directly with the manufacturers and provides design and production checks before approval."
    Caption to the photo in the article: In the AWO nursing home in Wassertrüdingen, digital prints on glass - a collaboration between Ornament Control and fabricator HT Group - provide accents in the shower area. Photo: HT Group
    Further information on the production partners: > HT Group > CS Group, Acrovyn®

  • The new ones from ornament control in magazin "InteriorFashion"


    I am pleased about a small presentation of my new designs in the current issue 2-2021 of this trade magazine for architecture, interior, contract, trade & design.

  • New technology - new designs!


    We introduce a new production partner: Company wallPen.
    Finally – digital printing directly onto the wall! Photos, graphics, lettres can be printed on site by the company wallPen directly onto various vertical surfaces up to 4 metres high. The isolated shapes from our latest series "Shapes in motion" with their borderless gradients can be staged particularly well with this technique. The shapes were not designed in a programme but photographed. Thus, they do not consist of hard technical gradients, which tend to step and break off. The transitions of the XXL tiffs are softer and more elegant and can therefore be extremely enlarged.
    All motifs with some examples of use can be found here in the > Overview of the new series "Shapes in motion".

  • interactive installation Stadthaus Bonn Kathrin Kreitmeyer

    News on large format!


    Generative design for the light installation at Stadthaus Bonn
    for the opening of the Beethoven Year 2020
    For this interactive installation, I was commissioned by the artist team Felix Müller and Nils-R. Schultze to visually design the 70-meter high façade. The team is the winner of the light art competition BTHVN 2020.
    Here is a first impression of my interactive facade design. > Video download
    (A version with music is still in progress.)
    And to the overall project here a > contribution from CNN
    Photos on top: Karsten Bartel (l) Nils-R. Schultze (r)

  • ornament control information catalogue 2019, Pattern, Graphics and Photos for Architecture, Interior Decoration and Design. Image Source for XXL-TIFFs, DWG- and DXF-files

    The new information catalogue of ornament.control for download >


  • ornament control Kathrin Kreitmeyer Press AIT 3.2018

    AIT 3.2018


    Trade magazine for architecture, interior design, technical installations
    about "ornament control" Kathrin Kreitmeyer on 3 double pages!

    "In her new ornamental series, graphic designer Kathrin Kreitmeyer works with the stylistic device of the hole pattern. The result is five different design groups – from geometric to floral – three designs of wich are presented in this issue. Whether lasered in stainless steel, punched in aluminium or milled in wood, they can add highlights to an elevator cabin, attract attention as backlit eye-catchers in a bar or serve as a large-scale façade pattern. All designs are repeatable on all sides and can be easily scaled according to the intended use. Kreitmeyer's agency ornament.control specialises in patterns and graphics for all areas of architecture, interior design and product design. Upon request, ornament.control also takes care of the technical implementation of the designs with quality craftsmanship."

  • ELEMENTE MaterialForum 2017: Interiors - Shapes, Colors, Structures


    We are on!
    The ELEMENTE MaterialForum is an independent presentation platform for innovative materials and sustainable technologies. Located in Berlin, a popular architecture and design location.
    Address: Am Tempelhofer Berg 6, 3. Stairs EG, 10965 Berlin, Germany
    Exhibition 21. – 28.9.2017
    Lectures on 21.9.2017 from 18.30 to 21.00 o'clock
    Further information >



  • DMY Berlin ornament control 2016

    We will attend!

    2. – 5.6. 2016

    At Kraftwerk Berlin, Köpenicker Str. 70, 10179 Berlin-Mitte

    With the motto of Odyssey 2016, the DMY International Design Festival Berlin will take place from June 2 – June 5 at Kraftwerk Berlin.
    For the first time, the long-standing DMY-Festival is opening its presentation platforms Showroom, Store, Education, LAB, Berlin Design Expo, New Talents und Design Spots to ideas, projects and products from virtually all design disciplines. The products and works on show range from product and industrial design to fashion and graphic design as well as communication design and digital creation. In numerous Performances, Open Talks, Workshops and Lectures,
    the latest developments within the field of design are discussed, presented and highlighted.

    The festival kicks off on June 2, with the press preview taking place from 10 am – 12 am.
    At noon (12 am), the doors will then open to the general public.
    At 6:00 pm on the same day, the Grand Opening is set to kick off with the official opening of the festival, the DMY Award Show as well as the all-night party.

    Further information:

  • ornament-control, motif 12.067.1 from Kathrin Kreitmeyer on the cover from the magazine AIT 4-2015, trade magazine for architecture, interior design, technical installations

    AIT 4.2015


    Trade magazine for architecture, interior design, technical installations

    3 double pages and the cover picture!
    Motif 12.067.1, 14.021.1 and 24.035.1 design: Kathrin Kreitmeyer, Berlin

    „Generative design... Kreitmeyer's motifs are often based on the technique of „generative design“. The term describes a novel, computer-based design method that is based on the programming of source codes for image generation... The thus produced structured patterns go far beyond conventional and mostly strict pattern repeats. Variable random values allow the design of vivid patterns...“

  • News: ornament.control on architonic

    ornament.control on architonic


    The independent resource for architecture and design!
    "We live in a world where furnishings, fittings and materials proliferate. It’s become a full-time job, keeping track of what’s out there. That’s where Architonic comes in. With our international network of architecture and design professionals, all keeping an expert eye on what’s new and, more importantly, what’s good, we’ve hand-picked the finest designs the market has to offer." (
    We have joined this interessting portal: > ornament.control on architonic

  • Press ornament control Page

    PAGE 01-2014


    „Ob zuhause oder im Office: Voller Verlockungen für die Gestaltung von Räumen steckt die Bilddatenbank ornament.control. Eingerichtet hat sie Kathrin Kreitmeyer, die als Mitgründerin und langjährige Designerin beim Berliner Label extratapete schon ausgiebig Erfahrung bei der großflächigen Wandgestaltung sammelte.
    Im Mittelpunkt ihrer neuen Firma ornament.control steht eine Datenbank mit Mustern, Grafiken und Bildern für Tapeten, aber auch Textilien, Bodenbelägen, Fensterverkleidungen, Hinterleuchtungen oder Fassaden. Neben fotobasierten Motiven sind per Processing programmierte Motive sowie Vektorgrafiken dabei, mit denen man auch dreidimensionale Oberflächen lasern oder fräsen kann. Die Umsetzung realisieren Spezialfirmen, mit denen Kathrin Kreitmeyer als Partnern zusammenarbeitet. Durch Änderung von Aus- und Zuschnitt, Farbe, Kontrast, Proportionen et cetera lassen sich die Motive individuellen Vorstellungen anpassen."

    Page-Online 16.12.2013
    Autorin: Claudia Gerdes

  • generative design archtiecture pattern design

    Raster meets random


    „Generative Gestaltung“ hat sich als Begriff für eine Entwurfsmethodik etabliert, die auf der Programmierung von Code zur Bilderzeugung basiert. Was an Komplexität, Menge, Variation, Rhythmus „von Hand“ nicht mehr zu beherrschen ist, können Schleifen, Verzweigungen, Variablen und Zufallswerte nach festgelegtem Regelwerk im „Handumdrehen“ erledigen. Allerdings nicht ohne Idee und selten ohne langes Umrühren. Wir „kochen“ mit dieser Software und verändern die Zutaten oder die Rezepte, bis das Gefundene an das Gewollte erinnert, der geplante Zufall eintritt, und uns das Ganze gut genug gefällt, um als Basis für neue Muster-Strukturen-Bilder zu dienen.
    Allen diesen „generativen“ Motiven liegt Quellcode (und Processing) zugrunde, der sich bei Bedarf individualisieren oder anpassen lässt. Wir beraten Sie gern.

  • Start!


    ornament.control geht heute mit 92 brandneuen Motiven, 73 Anwendungsbeispielen und 24 Herstellerempfehlungen ans Netz. Der Anfang ist gemacht! Und es werden weitere Muster, Grafiken, Fotos, Beispiele und Empfehlungen folgen und in Kürze auch die englische Version dieser Internetseite. Nun aber möchte ich mich an dieser Stelle erst einmal ganz herzlich bei allen Beratern, Unterstützern, Helfern und Mitarbeitern bedanken, bei Matthias Schormann, Jens Kreitmeyer, Claudia Bastert, Ralf Schukay, Mark Engelhardt, Frank Dietsche und Esther Neumann. Mein ganz besonderer Dank gilt Lukas Birn für die netten und äußerst inspirierenden Processing-Abende!

    Wir freuen uns auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit unseren Herstellungspartnern und auf neugierige Kunden!