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ornament.control stands for design offering high-quality aesthetics that offer consistency in when it comes to implementation. We offer patterns, graphics, photo-graphics, and photos that are specially developed for use in the area of architecture and interior design. Whether wallpapers, textiles, floor surfacing, 3D surfaces, or backlit facades—the latest in digital production technology allows us to quickly realize small, large, and exceptional design projects. Despite the number of processes, however, not every motif may be appropriate for each production technique. That is why we check each motif together with our experienced production partners to ensure it is appropriate for the process and make suggestions when needed. ornament.control offers new ornaments on new surfaces in the highest possible quality.


Every motif was either designed or photographed by the qualified graphic designer Kathrin Kreitmeyer. As a cofounder of and long-serving designer at the Berlin label extratapete, she has wide-ranging experience in creating large-format designs and extensive knowledge of the production processes.


The files’ high degree of scalability means that a wide variety of effects can be achieved using varying cropping and sizing techniques. Most motifs can be further customized if the client so wishes by altering chromaticity, contrast, or proportions, for example. Furthermore, many generative patterns and graphics are based on custom-programmed processing codes. These enable us to quickly and easily adapt the files to your design wishes and projects.


Data quality

At ornament.control, all photographs are made using high-quality digital cameras (usually no less than 40 megapixels). Every detail of each dataset is painstakingly examined in terms of design as well as technical production. We coordinate directly with producers in order to determine data specifications for various materials and production processes. This ensures the smoothest implementation with the highest possible level of quality.